Why sales management is essential for companies.

Sales management is an essential part of reaching targets and forecasting accurately.

Gain insight into which of your products or services are performing and adjust sales forecast accordingly.

You have to know whether your clients are more interested in Product/Service B when compared to Product/Service C. This will not only allow you insight into where your money is and will be generated from, but it allows you to forecast more accurately

Monitor your sales forecasts and adjust them where needed

In any business, forecasting is a must, and you need to keep an eye on your figures to ensure that if anything changes your forecast remains up to date with the latest information

Measure your sales team’s performance across all KPI’s

Your sales forecast is important and your team's performance goes hand in hand with your projected values. Being able to see if your reps are actively contacting your clients and exploring cross and up-selling options with them, and tracking, if they’re on their way to meeting or exceeding their target, is valuable and needs to be accessible to you

Drill down through your data to get to a team or an individual’s data

Being able to see the big picture as well as what exactly makes up that picture is paramount when making business decisions. The data collected and created by the team on the field will give you the clearest view of where your business is and where it should be going - which areas need work and which ones are excelling.

Saleboat is a simple and powerful. It gives you the ability to manage your sales team/s from anywhere.
Saleboat was designed with sales-people for salespeople and we are always thinking of new and better easy to get you the data that you need when you need it. Whether it is in CSV, PDF or real-time format, Saleboat is the tool for your team.

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