Sales reporting and why it should matter to your organisation.

What gets measured gets done - it is as simple as that.

Sales reports give your team, managers and executives the data that they need to gauge the performance of the sales department. It aids in decision making as well as the ability to focus on and solve any issues that may arise.

From a sales representatives point of view, they can evaluate how many client and potential client interactions they have had in a particular date range and whether they are on track to meet the KPI’s set by management.

All of the data that you need should be available to you at your fingertips, and with Saleboat, it is. From weekly automated sales reports that are generated as your team works, to live performance dashboards for a summary of individual, team or organisation-wide statistics.

Reports that display information in an easy to understand format allows the data to speak for itself and it allows management and executives the opportunity to make calculated and informed decisions without having to labour for the data that they need.

Saleboat activity reports can be generated by individual users too, which allows the sales representative to adequately prepare for their sales meetings and reviews without the stress and hassle of having to create the reports themselves.

Visibility is key when it comes to reporting and sales managers and directors - with no visibility can’t help anyone. 

In today’s volatile world it is more important than ever before to know if a sales person’s performance is poor as a result of the economy or rather their activity. Your Saleboat reports will show you whether a representative is putting in the required effort or not, which will aid your long term sales team decisions and assist you in having concrete knowledge of who is performing, who could be doing more and who is taking chances. 

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