Remote working: The pro’s and con’s

Remote working, satellite offices and days filled with video conferencing.

It is a very different world, a world we are all still learning how to navigate and embrace. Over the last few months, we have all heard and read countless times about the ‘new normal’ of working from home or working remotely and for those that had to adjust to this, that adjustment had to take place in the blink of an eye.

In a moment, most dining tables became desks and kitchens became canteens. Keeping a routine can be a challenge when you only need to walk a few steps to get to your “office”. 

That being said, there are a few ways we have found that working from home can be beneficial by tweaking a few things and ways to manage the challenging bits of remote working.

5 Benefits of working remotely

  1. Saving on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs

    Now that your commute costs you next to nothing, why not take that money you’re now saving on transport and vehicle costs and treat yourself and your family.

  1. More time spent with families and less time on the road

    The distance to your office is likely significantly shorter than it once was. 
    You don’t have to worry about traffic jams or traffic lights not working, instead, you can focus on spending some of that extra time with your loved ones or perhaps learning a new skill in your extended leisure time.

  1. A more flexible schedule

    You can get more done during your working hours thanks to remote working. Not only does this mean being away from your office, but away from some of the office rigidity. You can take your breaks when you need them, eat when you need to and make your day your own.

  1. No office distractions

    That colleague that constantly takes breaks at your desk, distracting you - a thing of the past.

  1.  Custom environment

    You can listen to the music you enjoy at a level you like without disturbing the whole office. And if you want to work in your pyjama pants, no one can stop you - just don’t stand up in the middle of your conference call

5 Challenges faced while adapting to working remotely

  1. Sticking to a routine 

    Working from home allows you to manipulate your work schedule to one that works for you, but be careful not to ignore your routine. It will look different from your old routine at the office, but it is important to keep one.

  1. Drawing the line between home and work can be challenging

    Be careful not to blur the line between work and home. When your workday ends, so should your work. Close your laptop, and step away.

  1. Remembering to take regular breaks

    The lack of office distractions may cause you to forget to take breaks. Set timers for yourself to get up and take a 5-minute break each hour.

  1. Managing your time

    It’s easy to get distracted by the ability to make a snack whenever you want (without the office having their eyes on you) and to check social media more often than you should

  1. Collaborating and waiting for feedback

    Collaborating when you’re in an office is easy, the feedback is almost immediate, but working in a remote team may stretch the time between questions and feedback.

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