Manage Your Team

Streamlined admin and performance tracking.

Create teams based on your unique organisational structure. Track their stats at any time.

Assign prospects and clients on the fly, map client and prospect grouping and much, much more.


Your sales pipeline. Simplified.

View sales rep and team progress toward landing the next big client.

Saleboat allows you to customise your pipeline according to your specific organisational needs.

Track everything from telesales qualifying leads, the heat status of prospect conversions and the value of converted clients.


Craft a dynamic sales force.

See where and how salespeople use their time. Discover where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Take meaningful action toward optimising your sales team.

Selling is most definitely an art but, with Saleboat, knowing whether your sales team is truly effective and efficient has been refined into a science.


Meaningful insights in real time.

Receive automatically generated reports when you need them so that you have all the information required for each rep during sales meetings.

The frequency of meetings attended, conversion rates and types of meetings per rep, team or entire company are available at your fingertips.

Saleboat gives managers a measurable edge in the market by making sure they have the information they need.



Unobtrusive and powerful location data.

Saleboat knows where clients and meetings are and should be.

Meetings which are not in the expected place are automatically flagged.

Managers can track team members using the mobile app at any time during their work day.


Discover what’s around you.

Made a long trip to visit a prospect? Make that trip as efficient as possible by visiting a few more in the area while you’re there.

Remind your clients that you care by popping in while you’re in their neighbourhood.


Unobtrusive tracking.

Saleboat knows where clients and meetings are and should be. Meetings which are not in the expected place are flagged.

Managers check where any member of their team using the mobile app is at any time during their work day, ...


Track Your Day

Clear and organised.

Saleboat is the all-in-one tool that every salesperson needs to track their day and succeed.

Load your leads, prospects and clients. Schedule meetings, calls and important tasks. Track where you’ve been and where you’re going. Get a route to your next location with our deep Google Maps integration. Check into meetings with just one button once Saleboat detects you’ve arrived.

Your dashboard is your day.



Don't forget the little things.

Saleboat offers a simple way to keep track of everyday tasks. Remember to send that important quote, pick up a gift for a client’s birthday or just pick up the kids from school.

Tasks add a helpful layer to your dashboard between meetings and calls.



Remember to say hello.

We may be texting more and more but there are few things more effective than picking up the phone. Keep track of your phone calls with clients on Saleboat.

It's like a meeting, but over the phone.



Sales, raw and unfiltered.

Keep track of all your meetings with our various meeting types, without anything to hold you back. You sell, Saleboat will handle the when, where and what happens.

Build relationships and close deals with Saleboat.


Everything You Need To Set Sale


The freedom to sell.

Saleboat puts everything you need right in your pocket. Unshackle yourself from your desk and reduce admin by 80%* Less admin means more valuable time spent with your customers.

Attend more meetings, take notes and focus on selling while Saleboat tracks all your inputs for you.

*Based on existing customer feedback.


All your clients at your fingertips.

Keep track of your interactions with each of your leads, prospects and clients and all the contacts associated with them, all in one place.

With Saleboat you can map out your client’s business easily. Add as many contacts as you’d like within a prospect or client and create branches too. Assign a value to your clients and get automatic reminders to contact them so you’re always in touch, like clockwork.

Your clients will never feel neglected again.


Untethered and uninterrupted.

The Saleboat Android app makes it possible to continue working, even in areas with no cellular coverage or WiFi.

In offline mode you can perform all of the most important sales tasks and once you're within range again your data will sync with our server.

With Saleboat you'll never lose another important meeting note again.


Plug Into Your World


Plays well with Google.

Saleboat was built with in integration in mind.

We take full advantage of your existing Google services to integrate seamlessly with your Calendar.


Complements your pipeline.

We understand that every business is different.

Saleboat is constantly improved to ensure that it fits snugly into your existing workflow.


Synchronise everywhere.

Switch seamlessly between your desktop and mobile devices.

Your data is always available, no matter what device you're currently working on.

All Features

At A Glance

  • Dashboard

    One place to see and interact with all upcoming calls, meetings and tasks

  • Clock-in

    Let the app know you’re working from the office today

  • Cards

    All the information you need about an upcoming event

  • Plus Button

    Quickly add meetings, tasks, contacts or prospects anywhere.

  • User Profile

    Everything there is to know about yourself or another user

  • Organisation

    Manage users and teams within your organisation

  • Client List

    A filterable list of all your clients and prospects, with useful info displayed

  • Client Profile

    All the information about a client in one place

  • Meeting List

    A list with all meetings and calls for the user, past, present and future.

  • Meeting Details

    More information about the meeting

  • Task List

    A list of all tasks created by the user

  • Calendar

    An alternative to the dashboard that shows all scheduled items in a calendar view

  • User Profile

    Everything there is to know about yourself or another user

  • Settings

    An area to set how Saleboat works for you

  • Notification

    The app can push notifications to your notification drawer

  • Offline Mode

    The best part of having the app, it’s available, always.

  • Speed

    We prioritise speed so you can get more done faster


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