Sales reporting and why it should matter to your organisation.

What gets measured gets done – it is as simple as that.Sales reports give your team, managers and executives the data that they need to gauge the performance of the sales department. It aids in decision making as well as the ability to focus on and solve any issues that may arise.From a sales representatives point of view, they can … Read More

Why sales management is essential for companies.

Sales management is an essential part of reaching targets and forecasting accurately.Gain insight into which of your products or services are performing and adjust sales forecast accordingly.You have to know whether your clients are more interested in Product/Service B when compared to Product/Service C. This will not only allow you insight into where your money is and will be generated … Read More

Challenges and solutions to managing a remote sales team

Give your team the tools and the freedom to meet and exceed their targets. Of course, there can be some challenges because remote working is not the norm, but your team knows what needs to get done and how to do it.Let’s get into it: 4 difficulties you may face when managing a remote working team Tracking work and productivity … Read More

Remote working: The pro’s and con’s

Remote working, satellite offices and days filled with video conferencing. It is a very different world, a world we are all still learning how to navigate and embrace. Over the last few months, we have all heard and read countless times about the ‘new normal’ of working from home or working remotely and for those that had to adjust to … Read More