Do you know how many interactions it takes for your team to convert a client?

The Saleboat KPI dashboard reports on your team's activity in real-time.

As a sales manager knowing how many interactions it takes to close a client will give you a better idea of how your team is performing throughout their sales cycle and Saleboat helps you visualize that data.

Over-time, this number will become more accurate as your reps use the system to track their sales activity.

With Saleboat you can see your statistics at a level of detail of your choosing: from company-wide to a particular team or even a specific user.

Simple interactions will result in powerful data which allows you insight and transparency into your sales cycle. See your team's sales efforts as more than just numbers on a spreadsheet with your individual, team and organisation-wide dashboards of key performance indicators.

Along with your average meetings to close you can also see:

  • The number of deals in the pipeline
  • The number of active prospects and clients
  • The number of neglected prospects and clients

Using these numbers in conjunction with your automated weekly summary reports, you can make data-based decisions and give the team the support and the tools that they need to meet and exceed their targets.

Maybe you have a sales rep who is great at the first introduction, but not so great at closing and they just need the right training to get those closes.

With Saleboat you will have the data to make your team more efficient and effective.

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