The sales team management revolution

The sales team management revolution

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It helps our Sales team track and nurture leads and analyse business metrics.
Really Simple and reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for any size business.

Cindy N
Saleboat guides and assists your performance out in the field and is really a useful system that anyone can use to their advantage.
Ryan H

Our sales team is much better organised and focused in their efforts.They spend much less time on administration and preparing reports. The dashboards and reports are comprehensive and really help us stay on top of things.

Johann K

Dashboard - Plan, prioritise and perform

Your dashboard is your day. See who needs to be met, see where they are and plan your days accordingly.
See where you need to be and what you need to do at a glance.

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Performance - Gain indespensable insight

Your Saleboat performance dashboard takes all recorded sales activity into account and displays this data on your dashboard. View your performance dashboard in conjunction with your reports and your client list to understand your data better. All of the data is collected automatically so there is no need for manual reports.

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Client Map - Know your reach

Using the Saleboat Client Map, you can see the area coverage of your prospects and clients and maximise your productivity by arranging multiple meetings in one area. You will be able to close the gaps in your coverage and you can also expand your reach by viewing your prospect and client list in map format.

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Pipeline - Look into the future

Saleboat Deals and Pipeline functionality gives you the ability to know exactly how you, a team or the entire organisation is managing the sales process and enables you to accurately forecast future sales. Your Pipeline, KPI dashboard and Reports give you full transparency into your sales cycle and you can accurately pinpoint the causes of bottlenecks in your sales process.

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Reporting - Simple and powerful

Schedule reports directly into your inbox when you need them, generate pre-built reports on the fly or grab all the data you need to build one using the Saleboat export tools. Your team can work remotely and your reports will be generated automatically based on their activity.
See the data that you need, when you need it, how you need it.

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Lists - Manage all your data, anywhere

Saleboat lets you manage your database from the palm of your hand. See who is neglected, where they are in your sales process and what you discussed last.  Manage your full database from any internet-capable device, from anywhere.

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Calendar - Visualize your schedule

Visualize your daily activities with your Saleboat calendar and plan them effectively to make the most of each day.
Put your plan into action and check into your meetings and log your calls from any internet-capable device.

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